Do I Have To Adult?

first blog picture postSo, why have I started a blog? To be honest, I just don’t know which is funny as my blog is called ‘I Just Don’t Know.’ That is a regular phrase in my life, at least once a day I say ‘I just don’t know.’ As a 21 year old female, I am a hormonal mess who has breakdowns quite a lot (I bet every single female can relate to that feeling). As well as having a ‘quarter life crisis,’ I am trying my best to deal with my Mental Health Problems.

I read constantly that writing a diary helps with Mental Health Problems as it allows you to express your feelings without being judged (obviously, a notebook doesn’t have a brain!!). I have tried to write numerous diaries to help with how I am feeling but for some reason I just don’t connect with the idea. It seemed more like a ‘chore’ to me, rather than something I wanted to do. However, I know several people who write blogs and post them on social media, whether they are expressing their views on fashion today, or whether it is personal stories they are writing about, it all seemed to help them. So, today I decided to go with the modern day version of a diary and start my own ‘Blog.’ Right now, I have no intention to share this on social media but sometime in the future I would like to share my personal story. You know why? Because I want people to feel they can relate to my story, especially with the pressure of society today it is common that you can feel lonely and vulnerable.

Even this first blog I have had a roller coaster of emotions, from not knowing why I want to write a blog to feeling like I can change the world!!!! Contradiction or what!? I JUST DON’T KNOW!!